Dominion Salvage Inc
607 Dinwiddie Ave, Richmond, VA 23224

Service, Savings & Satisfaction with Dominion Salvage

The friendly team at Dominion Salvage understands the importance of offering comprehensive services. That's why we're open for business every day of the week. At Dominion Salvage, we don't limit our services to certain customers. We work with commercial properties as well as agricultural enterprises to help ensure that all scrap steel is picked up and disposed of properly.
Containers that can fit in small warehouses
Scrap collection, Richmond, VA
Scrap collection, Richmond, VA

What We Offer

At Dominion Salvage, we don't believe that just anyone can offer a comprehensive cleanup solution. As a result, we provide our customers with operators and drivers who are highly skilled and trained. As a result, we're always at your service anytime you may need us.

Services We Provide

Dominion Salvage offers the following services to our fellow businesses in the local area:
  • Consultations
  • Drop-off services
  • Pickup services
  • Appliance collection
  • Container service
  • Industrial metal cleanup
  • Industrial recycling for aluminum, ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals
For us, scrap collection is about more than simply removing waste materials from your property. Instead, we ensure that our services are complemented by fast communication and extended appointment options and working hours.

We can offer after-hours appointments 24 to 36 hours after you call. Since safety does not run on a schedule, we'll even work on the weekends to help keep your property free of potential hazards and waste.

To learn more about what how we can address your waste removal needs, contact Dominion Salvage in Richmond, VA today.